Thursday, April 17, 2008

William of Catenberry

Genes of a royalty and face of a moon
William of Catenberry was born at noon
an ounce heavier than the ordinary child
in mouth was the proverbial silver spoon

William of catenberry was a child of deeds
Spoke so less, the boy had little needs
His infancy he spent in dales of England
School and college were done at Leeds

With eyes his mom's and the height of his dad
William of catenberry grew into a handsome lad
He grew fondness for lovely little Tess
Tess loved him back and never made him sad

William of catenberry married lovely little Tess
The ceremony was opulent as was her dress
They crossed the church square hand in hand
vowing to celebrate each other's happiness

The couple became three at first anniversary
Making they were their own family tree
Things began to sour after the second child came
Tess it seemed, finally wanted to be free

The initiative was Tesss' she chose to find a lover
Europe their playground, their haunt the Eiffel tower
New love was in, life charted course of its own
An Egyptian prince was the new owner of this flower

The paparazzi chased them day and night
They were eye candies being shot at sight
A high speed chase down the French tunnel
was what brought the whole episode to light

The prince with his princess met the death this way
champions they became for the world today
In vice, death brought upon them such glory
which two lives could never have conveyed

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