Thursday, April 17, 2008

Afflictions of a twisted heart

Prolonged introspection, lengthy debates
Innards of a twisted mind are hard to decipher
Unique place this, where good and evil mate
The left verses right, death verses a lifer

Thoughts like shadows, changing with time
An urban landscape with Tumult, neighbouring serenity
Poor eyes, can only try to convey the chaos behind
yet fail repeatedly with desperate futility

A crooning mouth seldom gives away the mood
Of the pains camouflaged so carefully within
Pinnacle of sensitivity wrapped in demeanour rude
Shying away from sympathy or empathy akin

Knots of kneading twists that cannot be undone
By pulling hard or cutting the Gordian knot
A gentle blow, a listening ear yes, but never the gun
Inconsiderate recourse as indiscretion making it even taut

Incurable yet, it is not. Rose it from a broken heart
Tempering abounding, shall open the twists
The gates shall open, show a little patience at the start
Forget not, a twisted mind resulted from a twisted heart

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