Thursday, April 17, 2008

My good Angel

The world was a very sad place
Covered with darkness, laced with haze
A hideous beast with an abominable face
The nightmare of every hermit, every sage

The worried gods looked to earth and said
A hell I have made, all gory and red
It reeks of fear and emanates dread
With every man baying for anothers head

The gods had to atone for the blunder done
For million misguided they had a blessed one
Spread they were evenly in earthly crowd
To guide the unholy, palliate the proud

Simple their outlook, Humility their strength
Whatever their talent, they displayed only one tenth
Smile they do, despite odds in an ominous stack
They make up by attitude, by strength what they lack

Destined I was to find one such resplendent gem
Beautiful in the skin she was a creme da la creme
A picture of simplicity, she embodied so much love
Impossible to forget her I remember her even now

In her presence she was a harbinger of light
She came, she conquered, and her every action was upright
Her absence left memories and a humongous void
Mind is a dizzy, Heart sunk and life was devoid

Time was the healer which saved me
Her memories pulled me, mired I was till the knee
A word or two from her have resuscitated life
The smiles are returning as ends the strife

..I should have been dead yesterday..

Lived my way, I paid no heed
Unsolicited advices from others!
I chose to do my deed
Notwithstanding advices from brothers

Rashness has been and will be
my way it shall, come what may
A heady cocktail, yes that's me
Choosing the path were the dangers lay

I trust at will the distrust on anvil
I see no end before I make the plunge
My gut rules even when the time is still
Fear is my asset for it makes me lunge

My highs are brief, foretell they doom
I foresee the future and yet am on the move
My ebbs as brief, before I see the loom
My faith is back before I ever begin to rue

In a moment of truth, to enemy I gave the gun
Cold feel on my temple had quite a different say
From false bravery, cowardice I went to shun
Now I realise, I could have been dead yesterday

© Amit Khanduri Mar 2008


Slitty eyes, nose that beaks
Uncontrollable hair begging tweaks
Brows pronounced and a nasal twinge
Longish fingers looking like syringe

Cindy with a difference, mole on the sole
Teeth displaced, like football goals
Ears imperfect, growing like leaves
Breasts that only get seen on a heave

Hands with muscles that just show up
A profile that's a guy's with out the cups
Gait a mixture of trot and tease
Passing year adding to my skin another crease

I am sad that am far from perfect
I have every flaw conceivable, every defect
God take me out of this hell
Where only the best products sell

Please listen to my humble plea
I do not even date the reflection of me
Every passing day I sink into deeper abyss
As around I see beautiful people in bliss

The god appeared to her heart rending appeal
With her he struck the favourable deal
He gave her ‘beauty’ to her hearts desire
Lifted her from the sadness of her quagmire

Smiles returned to her, her ‘beauty’ the talk of the town
Her hair golden and milky skin she tanned to brown
Hazel her eyes playing foil to gleaming lips
Hourglass her shape with breast complementing hips

Men came drooling, like bees to a flower
Each one with singular aim, to be her lover
Women turned green at sight of her
She basked in the glory as it sank into her

She was the cynosure, she forgot her friends of yore
As begging attention were drones at the door
Surrounded by attention from morn till night
She forgot to differentiate, wrong from right

The modesty soon gave way, arrived conceit
Immersing in arrogance was she from head to feet
Wars began in her, conscience lost every time
Tough times she forgot in favourable climes

An honest little fellow walked up to her
Conveying his appreciation with a reddish flower
Offending in the process this lovely lass
How could she stoop to such a mediocre trash?

©Amit Khanduri March 2008

Vote for a Change

Righteousness based on what is fake
Forcing you till you can't anymore take
You wished you turned back into an ape
For the beginners, that's Indian red tape

Country's scourge, a community's bake
All for the social animal's sake
Hope like an islet between a lake
i give you on it my humble take

This is a call for you to awake
All for you mate! For your sake
Hard for one, where ever you rake
No easy answer this, not a easy cake

Scrap it, with every push a new flake
Expose the rot, shine the strake
Whatever you do, what ever you make
Don’t for once think my effort is fake

Serpentine queues, a lifelong wait
Underhand deals, the commonest bait
Democracy came to us quite late
It is now ours and it's our fate

The protectors we have come to hate
They fleece us at every gate
We run in circles for our date
Be it the court or for the tax rebate

A ray of hope, a form to create
To find in crowd, a noble prelate
He is answer to the debate
A rejoinder to the puzzle first rate

That’s me you should choose to quote
I am your man and i need your vote
Repeat with me, Amit should be your rote
I will uphold promises, the crowd I’ll dote

The future's bright with me, it’s not a tote
I’ll rule just, and save this sinking boat
i am after egalitarianism, not the note
All I ask from you simpletons is a small little vote

I’ll be the leader you ask me to be
That all ends well, a promise I shall see
He who vouches for me, my friend he'll be
And who doesn’t my wrath he shall see

The Voting lines are open in 5 ,4, 3, 2, 1, 0 secs…..Call now!

William of Catenberry

Genes of a royalty and face of a moon
William of Catenberry was born at noon
an ounce heavier than the ordinary child
in mouth was the proverbial silver spoon

William of catenberry was a child of deeds
Spoke so less, the boy had little needs
His infancy he spent in dales of England
School and college were done at Leeds

With eyes his mom's and the height of his dad
William of catenberry grew into a handsome lad
He grew fondness for lovely little Tess
Tess loved him back and never made him sad

William of catenberry married lovely little Tess
The ceremony was opulent as was her dress
They crossed the church square hand in hand
vowing to celebrate each other's happiness

The couple became three at first anniversary
Making they were their own family tree
Things began to sour after the second child came
Tess it seemed, finally wanted to be free

The initiative was Tesss' she chose to find a lover
Europe their playground, their haunt the Eiffel tower
New love was in, life charted course of its own
An Egyptian prince was the new owner of this flower

The paparazzi chased them day and night
They were eye candies being shot at sight
A high speed chase down the French tunnel
was what brought the whole episode to light

The prince with his princess met the death this way
champions they became for the world today
In vice, death brought upon them such glory
which two lives could never have conveyed

Still Life

My mind is blank like a white paper
My thoughts are empty forever
My fingers move on their own
My fingers delve on the unknown
My heart beats on one rhythm
The drum beat is always humdrum
The thread has gone threadbare
and silently it remains over there
My eyes are out of focus
They convey a story very bogus
Frays are formed at empty spaces
The wrinkles are mute on my face
The fall of raindrops makes no difference
I still see life through the opaque lens
I wait for my turn every time
Standing doesn’t make me whine
External stimuli is only an adjunct
My feelings to them are defunct
I obey my master with out question
Disobedience is out of my bastion
I seek no friend or companion
Or an yearly holiday or trip to Grand Canyon
I am content with the regular service
I am content being a dervish
I look forward to only one thing
and that is regular maintenance and my annual servicing
I am not your usual robot, sir
I belong to lineage of the great super surfer!

Conundrum of Modern Life

Higher, faster, richer
We want everything so quick
Sloughing away obstacles
Our new love is grandeur and slick

Nothing succeeds like success
This defines our approach
Wealth creation is admired
A slowdown we do loathe

Slowness, patience, conscience are passé
As economic indices soar
Shahrukh and sex sell
and the economic engine roars

The Indian juggernaut rolls
and aspirations rocket sky high
The balloon blown to monstrous proportions
the tipping point is nigh

Brace yourself, invest some time
in human values endured
Returns might take a long time coming
but goodwill is assured

Afflictions of a twisted heart

Prolonged introspection, lengthy debates
Innards of a twisted mind are hard to decipher
Unique place this, where good and evil mate
The left verses right, death verses a lifer

Thoughts like shadows, changing with time
An urban landscape with Tumult, neighbouring serenity
Poor eyes, can only try to convey the chaos behind
yet fail repeatedly with desperate futility

A crooning mouth seldom gives away the mood
Of the pains camouflaged so carefully within
Pinnacle of sensitivity wrapped in demeanour rude
Shying away from sympathy or empathy akin

Knots of kneading twists that cannot be undone
By pulling hard or cutting the Gordian knot
A gentle blow, a listening ear yes, but never the gun
Inconsiderate recourse as indiscretion making it even taut

Incurable yet, it is not. Rose it from a broken heart
Tempering abounding, shall open the twists
The gates shall open, show a little patience at the start
Forget not, a twisted mind resulted from a twisted heart