Saturday, December 20, 2008

has your life changed post Mumbai attacks?

Being a part of the security agencies and a non mumbaikar does provide me with another perspective.
Life surely hasn't changed as much as it ought to have. The public outrage while unprecedented, has lacked adequate focus despite the efforts of the few TV news channels we have, who have gone out of their way to propagate public outrage at the cost of being viewed as subjective.
The reason we have all given such attention to the Mumbai terror attack is because it has happened at the doorsteps of the country's elite. It has affected the best in the business and hit the dream city which also has a small place in every Indian's heart.
I hope this attack is a wake up call for all of us in the administration and security agencies. It ought to rouse our self centered politicians and amalgamate this nation of over a billion into a force to reckon with.
We ask for change. And the best place to begin it will be at one's own level. can we sustain the movement. Can we question our own actions. In the continuum of hectic life will we take time out for introspection. These are the pillars of change-a positive one, that our country needs and can have.
I beseech all muslims to consider themselves Indians first and muslims second like i ask all hindus to call themselves Indians first. The terrorists wanted India to target their own muslims and that should set things straight to all the naive and gullible youth.
I hope we all rise and shine.