Monday, January 19, 2009

Should Indian women be allowed in combat roles in Military?

A touchy issue.

A 'No' would have the pseudo feminists in arms while a 'Yes' would burden the vast majority of women who wouldn't even know of this debate brewing with the onerous task of living up to the impractical demands of a Military combat job.

So i would go on to state the reason for my NO. I would be talking about my country's armed forces and not US's. Ours is a developing country with ethos entrenched in cryptic corners of our minds and weather one likes it or not, the men folk here end up looking at the women with gaze that's a mixture of condescending and lecherous designs.

I speak here about the very highly educated who hold the reigns of higher echelons and not the undereducated Man of the ranks. And the situations as you would guess gets worse as the dealings get murkier in the quagmire of ground level situations.

While i do believe that there exist women out there who can put the fittest of men to shame with their level of fitness, such cases are far and few between and are merely exceptions rather than the rule. And mind you, being a fit women doesn't immunise her from the meaningful gazes she has to learn living with to earn a living.

Well, gloomy as it may sound, It's as true as the hypocrite in you wanting to peg me down for my rather politically incorrect view.

(AS posted in another blog)