Saturday, July 12, 2008

The walk

As pregnant clouds loom above
I hope they are filled with love
I march ahead to the beats
To a place where the sky and earth meet

Sounds of birds, music to my ears
A pat on the back, admiration from peers
These are the thoughts that float in my mind
Soaking in sweat, a product of the grind

Of the millions of them made worldwide
Stacked a few are in the pack on my side
Each of them created to fight of my safety
In a hope that the enemy doesn’t have one for me

Every step I take in the walk ahead
Takes me closer to the goal at the end
Yet, I am as good as I was then
A part of the crowd I was when

I walk and I walk, aware and alert
Fighting the bushes, clearing the dirt
The long trudge is for my cup of gold
The paradise beyond the horizon, I am told