Saturday, March 29, 2008


Slitty eyes, nose that beaks
Uncontrollable hair begging tweaks
Brows pronounced and a nasal twinge
Longish fingers looking like syringe

Cindy with a difference, mole on the sole
Teeth displaced, like football goals
Ears imperfect, growing like leaves
Breasts that only get seen on a heave

Hands with muscles that just show up
A profile that's a guy's with out the cups
Gait a mixture of trot and tease
Passing year adding to my skin another crease

I am sad that am far from perfect
I have every flaw conceivable, every defect
God take me out of this hell
Where only the best products sell

Please listen to my humble plea
I do not even date the reflection of me
Every passing day I sink into deeper abyss
As around I see beautiful people in bliss

The god appeared to her heart rending appeal
With her he struck the favourable deal
He gave her ‘beauty’ to her hearts desire
Lifted her from the sadness of her quagmire

Smiles returned to her, her ‘beauty’ the talk of the town
Her hair golden and milky skin she tanned to brown
Hazel her eyes playing foil to gleaming lips
Hourglass her shape with breast complementing hips

Men came drooling, like bees to a flower
Each one with singular aim, to be her lover
Women turned green at sight of her
She basked in the glory as it sank into her

She was the cynosure, she forgot her friends of yore
As begging attention were drones at the door
Surrounded by attention from morn till night
She forgot to differentiate, wrong from right

The modesty soon gave way, arrived conceit
Immersing in arrogance was she from head to feet
Wars began in her, conscience lost every time
Tough times she forgot in favourable climes

An honest little fellow walked up to her
Conveying his appreciation with a reddish flower
Offending in the process this lovely lass
How could she stoop to such a mediocre trash?

©Amit Khanduri March 2008



Hope you are not lost in an unprecedented trance.
Music for lost cause. A reason with out a rational.
A cul-de-sac. An unending journey to stark nothingness
Here I Expose my remarkable asset of ignorance.

The reason to end a saga of compromise. the maudlin of conspiracy.
Are you still in? Or done like the crowd of superficial fools,a bunch
of incongruous cretins in a foolish round of aimless charade!
I hopelessly pray for the non compliance of this diabolic prophesy.
A prognosis defying the pale of sanity and rebuffing prayers of goodwill.

Will all this seemingly bilge proposition undo years of desultory balderdash.
Will an era of pointless nitpicking contribute to a generation of smug nincompoops
A drove of hapless gnats,a lost cause, an act of unreasonable kindness.
Praise be thine to have understood this farcical exposition

An inexplicable tale of mindless bluster, a homily of a sanctimonious
soothsayer, a pantomime of truth, a travesty of justice. Time is right
for thine to cuss this bravado, the hellish pride of misplaced
values, the weight of ignorance, the paragon of evil, the quintessential malignance

The soul of a mangy canine, the personification of darkness,
a wicked plot and remarkable pussilanimosity. Hell truly hath no fury as yours truly scorned and your sordid presences played its spiteful part in upping the ante and raise the wordy exposition to false firmament of fame.

Undeservedly so!!

The saga of Betrayals-My soul

He is epitome of sadness, pityful his eyes
Haggard; injustice to the word. From work he shies
He plays with iniquity; he is one among the clique
Every well wish of his with tongue in his cheek

He remains silent, playing with his hideous side
Investing when the bulls rule, his time he bides
With the flow he moves, the ruler of the tides
The king of hyperbole. At once Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

He roams free and at the same time cages deeds
He plays his cards right. Evil, his regular need
Sowing seeds of hatred, shutting the door of sanity
He thrives in conceit, his magnum opus is vanity

He is the one placing a choice where there's none
Cheering for profligacy, patting your back when it’s done
The motive for every crime, the profit on every dime
It is what blurs lines to accentuate the mime

The pride in a battle of deceit, that feeling 'nice'
That extra chide, when a simple word would suffice
That feeling of elation at the neighbours fall
That scorn at the destitute, and then feeling so tall

The reason for writing a sad piece of solace
Facing it myself and throwing it on the readers face
All this is it, that’s floating me, them and you too
Only caricatured here, presented with words new

Funny Flight

I quit Quantas for the quantum of quality was questionable
From Honduras to Honolulu, hearsays galore, honorarium hardly any
Men with meaningful mien meddled me with masterful measure
A funny sort but fat flatulent with his filthy farts only forced the pressure

The craft relied on regular routers, rarely were there children n old
It had sportsmen of sorts, political bandits with their women in shorts
There was this scruffy temperamental Arab with a loose burnoose
The ones from South America spoke gibberish and had a short fuse

There were quirks quite many; queery quietitude hid the quiet din
There was an odd magician, his only trick to tickle the politician
Among the regulars was a self proclaimed 'champion' of tennis
Next to him sat the athlete of Venice who had the 'longest penis'

The starboard side was dominated by the goons of Columbia
They did heroin, played sudoku and again did heroin
Some of em had long beards and one called himself, Che guerra
When ever tempers flew, they kicked each other in the groin

There was a fatso, a woman with bulbous boobs belying her race
She occupied three seats and her nipples touched her face
The old man in the corner was eccentric and spooky
His totem were his proxy, his incantations meant he was no rookie

The flight attendants were in a league of their own
The tallest was 3 feet tall and had no hip bone
The chef in Ist class pantry was a spectacle to behold
He had three front teeth missing and one made of gold

The pilots were blind in one eye and team work saw them through
When they had to pee, they handed the joystick to the crew
I was the one sane person in this flight to nowhere
And here I was landing the plane as part of the captain's 'truth or dare'

A nymphomaniac's megalomania

dad, remember the night shift
i wouldn't tell you about
my long journey down the lift
my boss and i would make out

we would jump the office hit the pub
fall back at his place with a thud
footsie followed in the bath tub
we played in water like pigs in mud

i got all my money and the rise
a healthy position for a small price
fun in the office, a f**k to follow
he usually preferred me to swallow

from a secretary to junior manager in jiffy
i made him go mad like a hippy
i reported late all the time
but got paid till the last dime

my perks as good, my life 5 star
a flat for free and nice long car
all i gave in return was my sorry ass
so what i was only a 'libertine lass'

he passed me around to his pals as well
did i mind to make more loins swell
Debauched were they to do it together
leaving me wet with all the lather

chill dear dad, take the merc n be merry
all i lost for it is my little cherry
i do not under valuate, best bidder gets me
i am still clean, in mud only till the knee

Is this me?

Life is a sine curve with highs and lows
Along with the chalice of elixir comes the cup of woes
What we do not expect we slowly learn to accept
And that we desired is undone by some worldly precept

My life has come to such unfamiliar bend
Superficial is what I feel as joys come to an end
As the popular euphemism go, just a passing phase
I disagree, this time the rot is at the base

The building blocks are weak as never before
the peripherals not the only ones, the virus is at the core
What defined me as a man, even before an officer
are things of past, by the minute I slip further and farther

The dreams of glory are now but a dream
to command a ship and become the country's cream
Neither the destroyer nor the frigate
now I am part of the dirty-job brigade

Working for the shallow, little satisfaction it proffers
while they never ride a car without a chauffer
They fill up unabashedly their unending coffers
for a jaunt across the town they seek a chopper

Unnerving at first, soon i was used to it
Slowly like a tempting sin, i was seduced bit by bit
My counter arguments- this was my sacrifice for greater good
were merely an excuse as i was colluding, albeit with a hood

The vortex that is self sustaining like a black hole
it survives on evil, its sustenance on men's souls
Reduced to a mere spectator, as i watch myself transform
the good dying painfully, my conscience cries lovelorn

myopic is what i have become, seeking gratification
ephemeral happiness, turning blind eye to ramifications
I am evil incarnate, a soul that's sans one now
Means are inconsequential to me, want to win anyhow

I reminisce of her

The words you spoke
The silence I had to cope
Those eyes which spoke
Intoxication it soaked

That cream of texture
Along the emotional mixture
The thump of the heart
That broken apple cart

That victory for a second
That tortuous bend
Elation unprecedented
That closeness scented

That word- my call
That high before the fall
Smugness my nature
A folly of colossus stature

That shake of hands
Golden bits of sand
Pent up simmering feelings
Those unfortunate dealings

World crashing down
That dubious crown
Tear rolling down
Without even a frown