Thursday, April 17, 2008

..I should have been dead yesterday..

Lived my way, I paid no heed
Unsolicited advices from others!
I chose to do my deed
Notwithstanding advices from brothers

Rashness has been and will be
my way it shall, come what may
A heady cocktail, yes that's me
Choosing the path were the dangers lay

I trust at will the distrust on anvil
I see no end before I make the plunge
My gut rules even when the time is still
Fear is my asset for it makes me lunge

My highs are brief, foretell they doom
I foresee the future and yet am on the move
My ebbs as brief, before I see the loom
My faith is back before I ever begin to rue

In a moment of truth, to enemy I gave the gun
Cold feel on my temple had quite a different say
From false bravery, cowardice I went to shun
Now I realise, I could have been dead yesterday

© Amit Khanduri Mar 2008

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