Friday, June 17, 2011

Lethargic bent- The Govt. Servant

Everyday I wake up with energy anew
I begin my day with a positive hue
My mornings are fresh like the wet dew
The vision so clear and problems are few

As the day goes on, I tend to slow down
The smile soon replaced by an ugly frown
The work is not what bites me the most
It is to the ‘lethargy bug’ that become the host

The tea-break at best, a whiff of air
as the zest is by now a historical affair
The heavy lunch is the last nail on coffin
as sincerity is soon a matter for laughing

Post lunch, I hit the bench post-haste
and a nap to follow, some time to waste
The afternoon roll-call now plays in my dream
and work is best a swim upstream

My eyes on the clock wait for it to tick away
as occasionally with slumber my head sways
The timers are set on the clock and the phone
My batteries charge up on the alarm ring-tone

The thoughts of home turn me on
And the evening soiree I have to storm
I wonder where this new energy came from
As I throb in the lights and dance to the drum