Monday, July 11, 2011

Murder 2 - Review

Murder 2 is a completely new film and has no connection with the previous edition. The film is set in Goa and the climax of the story is a culmination of three angles of the protagonist’s life viz. The death of the agnostic in him, the resurgence of the Policeman cap he had abdicated, and reciprocation of love to a deserving girl - all with this one single Murder.

The film is about an ex-Cop turned drug racketeer, who gets embroiled in a case of missing call girls and for once the mercenary in him is replaced by the Human being, as he goes about trying to undo an inadvertent blunder.

The good thing about the movie is attention to details, underplaying the sex scenes and most importantly treating human life in a egalitarian way. The film carefully avoids becoming a happy ending film where the hero saves the day for his loved ones despite the rest of the world falling apart. Thus the film becomes more than just the story of one man’s happiness. It reflects the contemporary world without sounding preachy.

The violence makes you cringe as it should and the seriousness of the plot ever gets ludicrous. While the ending surely has been lifted out of a Brad Pitt starrer, the overall treatment of the film is for a mature audience. Surely worth a watch.