Thursday, April 17, 2008


Slitty eyes, nose that beaks
Uncontrollable hair begging tweaks
Brows pronounced and a nasal twinge
Longish fingers looking like syringe

Cindy with a difference, mole on the sole
Teeth displaced, like football goals
Ears imperfect, growing like leaves
Breasts that only get seen on a heave

Hands with muscles that just show up
A profile that's a guy's with out the cups
Gait a mixture of trot and tease
Passing year adding to my skin another crease

I am sad that am far from perfect
I have every flaw conceivable, every defect
God take me out of this hell
Where only the best products sell

Please listen to my humble plea
I do not even date the reflection of me
Every passing day I sink into deeper abyss
As around I see beautiful people in bliss

The god appeared to her heart rending appeal
With her he struck the favourable deal
He gave her ‘beauty’ to her hearts desire
Lifted her from the sadness of her quagmire

Smiles returned to her, her ‘beauty’ the talk of the town
Her hair golden and milky skin she tanned to brown
Hazel her eyes playing foil to gleaming lips
Hourglass her shape with breast complementing hips

Men came drooling, like bees to a flower
Each one with singular aim, to be her lover
Women turned green at sight of her
She basked in the glory as it sank into her

She was the cynosure, she forgot her friends of yore
As begging attention were drones at the door
Surrounded by attention from morn till night
She forgot to differentiate, wrong from right

The modesty soon gave way, arrived conceit
Immersing in arrogance was she from head to feet
Wars began in her, conscience lost every time
Tough times she forgot in favourable climes

An honest little fellow walked up to her
Conveying his appreciation with a reddish flower
Offending in the process this lovely lass
How could she stoop to such a mediocre trash?

©Amit Khanduri March 2008

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