Friday, April 10, 2009

Vote for a Change

Vote for a Change

Righteousness based on what is fake
Forcing you till you can't anymore take
You wished you turned back into an ape
For the beginners, that's Indian red tape

Country's scourge, a community's bake
All for the social animal's sake
Hope like an islet between a lake
i give you on it my humble take

This is a call for you to awake
All for you mate! For your sake
Hard for one, where ever you rake
No easy answer this, not a easy cake

Scrap it, with every push a new flake
Expose the rot, shine the strake
Whatever you do, what ever you make
Don’t for once think my effort is fake

Serpentine queues, a lifelong wait
Underhand deals, the commonest bait
Democracy came to us quite late
It is now ours and it's our fate

The protectors we have come to hate
They fleece us at every gate
We run in circles for our date
Be it the court or for the tax rebate

A ray of hope, a form to create
To find in crowd, a noble prelate
He is answer to the debate
A rejoinder to the puzzle first rate

That’s me you should choose to quote
I am your man and i need your vote
Repeat with me, Amit should be your rote
I will uphold promises, the crowd I’ll dote

The future's bright with me, it’s not a tote
I’ll rule just, and save this sinking boat
i am after egalitarianism, not the note
All I ask from you simpletons is a small little vote

I’ll be the leader you ask me to be
That all ends well, a promise I shall see
He who vouches for me, my friend he'll be
And who doesn’t my wrath he shall see

The Voting lines are open in 5 ,4, 3, 2, 1, 0 secs…..Call now!