Thursday, April 17, 2008

My good Angel

The world was a very sad place
Covered with darkness, laced with haze
A hideous beast with an abominable face
The nightmare of every hermit, every sage

The worried gods looked to earth and said
A hell I have made, all gory and red
It reeks of fear and emanates dread
With every man baying for anothers head

The gods had to atone for the blunder done
For million misguided they had a blessed one
Spread they were evenly in earthly crowd
To guide the unholy, palliate the proud

Simple their outlook, Humility their strength
Whatever their talent, they displayed only one tenth
Smile they do, despite odds in an ominous stack
They make up by attitude, by strength what they lack

Destined I was to find one such resplendent gem
Beautiful in the skin she was a creme da la creme
A picture of simplicity, she embodied so much love
Impossible to forget her I remember her even now

In her presence she was a harbinger of light
She came, she conquered, and her every action was upright
Her absence left memories and a humongous void
Mind is a dizzy, Heart sunk and life was devoid

Time was the healer which saved me
Her memories pulled me, mired I was till the knee
A word or two from her have resuscitated life
The smiles are returning as ends the strife

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