Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still Life

My mind is blank like a white paper
My thoughts are empty forever
My fingers move on their own
My fingers delve on the unknown
My heart beats on one rhythm
The drum beat is always humdrum
The thread has gone threadbare
and silently it remains over there
My eyes are out of focus
They convey a story very bogus
Frays are formed at empty spaces
The wrinkles are mute on my face
The fall of raindrops makes no difference
I still see life through the opaque lens
I wait for my turn every time
Standing doesn’t make me whine
External stimuli is only an adjunct
My feelings to them are defunct
I obey my master with out question
Disobedience is out of my bastion
I seek no friend or companion
Or an yearly holiday or trip to Grand Canyon
I am content with the regular service
I am content being a dervish
I look forward to only one thing
and that is regular maintenance and my annual servicing
I am not your usual robot, sir
I belong to lineage of the great super surfer!

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