Monday, April 22, 2013

Talaash - Movie Review

No gimmicky effects, no scary background score, Talaash scores by having its heart at the right place. Often suspense dramas are all about solving a high profile case of a famous person or a rich man, ending up in a self defeating process of undervaluing the common man’s life. Such stories end up becoming nothing more than a glitzy game of chess where one couldn’t care less about the characters as long as the killer was found. Departing from such stereotype, Talaash merges beautifully, the internal strife of a person with the pressures that his job puts on him and sets this against the backdrop of an after dark Mumbai. In the end, it goes beyond cheap thrills and emerges a more rounded and humane story. Technically excellent, this is yet another world class product from Aamir Khan’s stable. 4.5 Stars

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