Monday, April 22, 2013


Like a grenade sterile, if not fused
 is a moment wasted, if not used
 like a smile subdued, if not spread
 are lips prosaic, if not read..

Like a rifle rusted, if not oiled
 are misguided youth, who go spoiled
Like a table imperfect, with shaking base
 is a relationship with an ever opening space.

 Like flowers undone, when they are chopped
are laws shunned, when a traffic light is hopped
 Like friends imperfect, who gloat in your woes
 are drugs that kill, with a chance extra dose

 Like day out fishing in a frozen lake
 is heated dough, that failed to bake
 Like mouths sealed, with words that heal
, is a touch subtle, with the pet's purring feel

 Like energy found in everything around,
 is calming silence, in an endearing sound
 Like curling fingers of a newborn's hands
 is a footprint on love's fleeting sands

1 comment:

Usha Pisharody said...

Beautiful! Utterly beautiful!