Monday, April 22, 2013


The mind wanders away
 In green steep hills of a foggy day
 Gurgling mountain streams of Guangxi
 Their pristine beauty makes the heart fly

 Rustic old charm of bygone times
 The smell of history in verdant climes
 A great wall, a grand canal and lilting rhymes
 Chinese lanterns of Kunming and wind chimes

The colours of Yunnan as they are
 And pretty girls of Hubei with their charms
The nouveau rich and Shanghai stars
 And the workers of Guangdong in swarms

A bustling metropolis as the iron curtain parts
 Expressways propped up where once ran bullock carts
 Be it Chongquing, Nanjing or a demure Hainan
 The cogs of this wheel are hurtling a revolution

 Chanting a resolve that’s a billion strong
 Stands a wall a thousand mile long
 The terracotta warriors smile in a benign way
 Each with an expression, a million words conveyed

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