Monday, April 22, 2013

Life Gyan

Arise, awake, walk and run
Invest every morning in the rising sun
 Renew, remember, recollect and restore
the deterioration seeping in your every pore

Leave that cushy bed, slough that soft pillow
Run the new mile to shed that extra kilo
Service your innards, your lungs and the heart
Your humble servants they are, till death does you part

Eat right, sleep well and embody thoughts nice
unburden yourselves, speak truth and avoid lies
Drink less, if have to, binges a strict no no
but on a social do, do swim with the flow

 Make friends for friendship, not for clout
Work hard at office, yet reserve some for a work out
Experience growth every single passing day
Progress by perseverance because sweet is fair-play

If such be the steps you take
a new beginning you'll come to make
Be at a lofty pedestal or in the sunken pits
to every man this model perfectly fits

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