Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funny Flight

I quit Quantas for the quantum of quality was questionable
From Honduras to Honolulu, hearsays galore, honorarium hardly any
Men with meaningful mien meddled me with masterful measure
A funny sort but fat flatulent with his filthy farts only forced the pressure

The craft relied on regular routers, rarely were there children n old
It had sportsmen of sorts, political bandits with their women in shorts
There was this scruffy temperamental Arab with a loose burnoose
The ones from South America spoke gibberish and had a short fuse

There were quirks quite many; queery quietitude hid the quiet din
There was an odd magician, his only trick to tickle the politician
Among the regulars was a self proclaimed 'champion' of tennis
Next to him sat the athlete of Venice who had the 'longest penis'

The starboard side was dominated by the goons of Columbia
They did heroin, played sudoku and again did heroin
Some of em had long beards and one called himself, Che guerra
When ever tempers flew, they kicked each other in the groin

There was a fatso, a woman with bulbous boobs belying her race
She occupied three seats and her nipples touched her face
The old man in the corner was eccentric and spooky
His totem were his proxy, his incantations meant he was no rookie

The flight attendants were in a league of their own
The tallest was 3 feet tall and had no hip bone
The chef in Ist class pantry was a spectacle to behold
He had three front teeth missing and one made of gold

The pilots were blind in one eye and team work saw them through
When they had to pee, they handed the joystick to the crew
I was the one sane person in this flight to nowhere
And here I was landing the plane as part of the captain's 'truth or dare'

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