Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hope you are not lost in an unprecedented trance.
Music for lost cause. A reason with out a rational.
A cul-de-sac. An unending journey to stark nothingness
Here I Expose my remarkable asset of ignorance.

The reason to end a saga of compromise. the maudlin of conspiracy.
Are you still in? Or done like the crowd of superficial fools,a bunch
of incongruous cretins in a foolish round of aimless charade!
I hopelessly pray for the non compliance of this diabolic prophesy.
A prognosis defying the pale of sanity and rebuffing prayers of goodwill.

Will all this seemingly bilge proposition undo years of desultory balderdash.
Will an era of pointless nitpicking contribute to a generation of smug nincompoops
A drove of hapless gnats,a lost cause, an act of unreasonable kindness.
Praise be thine to have understood this farcical exposition

An inexplicable tale of mindless bluster, a homily of a sanctimonious
soothsayer, a pantomime of truth, a travesty of justice. Time is right
for thine to cuss this bravado, the hellish pride of misplaced
values, the weight of ignorance, the paragon of evil, the quintessential malignance

The soul of a mangy canine, the personification of darkness,
a wicked plot and remarkable pussilanimosity. Hell truly hath no fury as yours truly scorned and your sordid presences played its spiteful part in upping the ante and raise the wordy exposition to false firmament of fame.

Undeservedly so!!

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