Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review of 'Phas Gaye re Obama'

PGRO is well written, well executed, intelligent comedy. It is a light hearted take on Underworld and 'business' of extortion rife in rural Hindi heartland. The composition makes for an intelligent comedy by bringing an NRI into the equation thus making the multiplex audience relate to the plot as well. The characters are consistent and variegated thus making it a wholesome ploy. The gamut of characters range from a illiterate thug to the state ministry. They are well etched and backed by good research. The film cleverly avoids showing gory scenes while retaining the local lingo and thus lending credence to the plot. The comedy is situational rather than slapstick. It's a pleasant departure from the glossy slapstick fare that is served with unwelcome regularity by the industry. Over all, a good film. 4 STAR

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