Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review of 'Ong Bak 3'

The film is releasing today and the viewer should be prepared to expect the unexpected. I watched the DVD version last year and the film could be summarised in four words- Anachronistic, Bemusing, Convoluted and Disjointed. I was emotionally let down by this trash in form of his disasterous third edition from Tony Jaa. While the first one had prosaic production values, it charmed the viewer with the sheer novelty of the fight sequences and stunts along with the underdog storyline. The second edition buttressed the production values a little bit and maintained the fantastic fights with the best fight sequence i have ever seen during the finale. The third edition of Ong Bak almost damages the reputation of this franchise. I hope we do get to see Ong Bak 4 as a redemption for Tony Jaa and entertainment at it's vintage best for the viewer.

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