Friday, February 17, 2012

How to travel from Mumbai to Pune

Mumbai- Pune made easy A visit to a Metro for a new comer is usually a drain on his pockets as he gets repeatedly cheated by Autowallahs and Taxi operators who take him for ride due to the ignorance. Well, I have travelled to Mumbai several times but never did I have to travel to Lonavala from my city. My plan however will hold good even for Mumbai-Pune travellers. When you have to visit any place that lies in the area between Pune and Mumbai, the following are the options. 1. If you fly down. Both Mumbai and Pune have an airport and you can decide upon the connectivity/ work enroute, where you want to land. Suppose you choose to land at Mumbai and Lonavala is where you have to go, then the best means would be as follows:- Land at Mumbai Domestic Terminal – Take a auto (Rs 25 to be fair) or just walk down from the airport to the Expressway(500m) and catch a transport – Options are Indica, Volvo, Innova – I’d suggest book Volvo online(Neeta/Purple Volvo Price-Rs 300) – The bus will drop you to any place enroute to Pune (ranging from Lonavala to Pune city) 2. If you come my express train. If you come to Mumbai by an express train and need to go to Lonavala/another place on Pune highway. Option (a) – If your train is coming via Panvel(outskirts of Mumbai), alight at Panvel and catch a bus to Pune/Lonavala (plenty are available) Option (b) – If your train’s last station is Kurla/ CST via another route, take a local train from Kurla/CST for Vashi (travel time 20 mins/45 mins). From Vashi station take an auto to Express point (under Vashi Flyover) and catch a Volvo (Neeta/Purple) -Again workout your timeline and carry out online booking. Online booking is available for the same day. Note:- 1. If you follow my instructions given above, you’ll reach Pune in an expense not exceeding Rupees 350/- . 2. For more detailed knowledge on Mumbai Locals google Mumbai local and find out more details.

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