Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A nymphomaniac's megalomania

Dad, remember the night shift
I wouldn't tell you about
My long journey down the lift
my boss and I would make out

We would jump the office hit the pub
fall back at his place after the grub
Footsie followed in the bath tub
we played in water like pigs in mud

I got all my money and the rise
A healthy position for a small price
Fun in the office, a f**k to follow
He usually preferred me to swallow

From a secretary to junior manager in jiffy
I made him go mad like a hippy
I reported late all the time
but got paid till the last dime

My perks as good, my life 5 star
A flat for free and nice long car
All I gave in return was my sorry ass
so what I was called a 'libertine lass'

He passed me around to his pals as well
did I mind to make more loins swell
Debauched were they to do it together
Leaving me wet with all the lather

Chill dear dad, take the Merc n be merry
All I lost for it is my little cherry
I do not under valuate, best bidder gets me
I am still clean, in mud only till the knee

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