Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My frustration..

The most frustrating thing for me is the knowledge that I am a part of a country that has bred ignorance, bigotry and hypocrisy. I am frustrated by the fact that our rulers are the worst leaders this country ever had. I am despondent at the knowledge that we elect as our representatives, people who can buy, sell and kill to get there.

I am frustrated at the thought that I am tiny drop in this ocean of ever growing humanity that symbolizes nothing more than lack of planning and bereavement of the will to work at the highest level.

I am deeply pained at the knowledge that so many of our sons and daughters have bled at our borders to protect us from outsiders while the worst of evil rules us from our very own Vidhan sabhas.

It frustrates me to think that, as we, the lucky and suave deliberate here for no rime or reason in a forum that shall have nothing to do with our nation, there is a man out there in the dark knee deep in his trench, keeping a vigil, there is woman out there who is doing the late shift with the worry that she has to get back safely to her house with a narrow alley on the way to cross, that there is a man out there working hard unconcerned of supervision and working for his pride.

It frustrates me to know that a nation of over a billion doesn't have the spine to stand up put a claim for a medal at the most of noble of duels..on the sports field.

The awareness that I am born in a race that excels at nothing but pulling each other down, a race that can do no good to itself or the world, a race of people who have no regard for basic humane principle of work ethics, a race that is prudish in public and prurient in private, a race that is weak physically and deranged mentally and a race that in unwilling to look in the mirror and call spade a spade frustrates me to no end.


Usha Pisharody said...

Uh-Uh... very very hard hitting.. and you say it like it is.. very convincingly too...!

So, have you thought of what could be done? They also say that instead of cursing the darkness, it is always better to light a candle. No, that is not an easy on lips answer, to this outpouring of your angst. Just an observation. One person in a billion may not mean much, but it is still one, isnt it?

Just putting down my random thoughts as well... If I may, could I use this as material, for discussion, in my classroom? Thanks, in anticipation. Just to jog the conscience [lol, if any] among the young people, of my class. Let's see how they react to this:)

who thinks like me? said...

Usha, I hope you do put the question across to young minds. They are impressionable and i do hope they give you an insight that would make you wiser. I would also be eager to share that wisdom.