Saturday, August 30, 2008

The message is loud and clear- CHINA's OLYMPICS

Hello Friends,Having read your views, I thought i should express mine as well. First of all, I must tell you that I am an Indian and we as indians look at the chinese with suspicion. They have given us a bloody nose in the war of 1962 and we can never forget that. Now this background should lend credibility what i am about to say.In the past few years, China , as a subject of my intrest has amazed me to no end. I have been a staunch critique in public while have privately admired them. But all that has changed now. I have come to respect the chinese as a race, as people , and as human beings for their pride, for their dedication and their commitment. If i were to wager today as to who would rule to world 50 years hence, I would emphatically say, if it has to be someone, it would be China. They have been steadfast and at the same time adapatable. Their foriegn policies have been subject to widespread criticism but that too would die down nice and slow as China grows from strength to strength. The hyper critical western media doesn't even realise that the might of China is not the present, It is the future itself. The grandiose opening ceremony was a message to the entire world, that China has arrived. The grandeur and pomp of that evening could bring a dead man alive, It sure sent a chill down my spine. The military precision that was a hallmark of each of their activity was a showcase that shall be unmatched for it's human element. The months of training and sweat and blood that went into making that flawless show can evince nothing but admiration from a perverse critic. The smiles on the faces of the people who performed was a sign of the change that China wants the world to see and also was a subtle way to calm the nerves of all the military thinkers worldwide.It was perfection at it's very best. It was symbolism that was well made use of. It was a sign to things to come. It was China all the way. The Medal tally was only a translation of their message so that all your simpletons can read it clearly as I have.
Thank You. (as posted in another blog)


Usha Pisharody said...

While both our media and the western media can go hyper on anything China does.. I personally have, on the basis of reading up on them, or thru' some documentaries (though I now wonder, who made them.. Lol!!), the opinion that some of their methods are questionable.. :)

Just a thought! But what ever it be, certainly China is already a force to reckon with.. and will surely give the Super Blocs a run for their lucre!!

I admire the way you put this one across!

who thinks like me? said...

Usha., Your balanced and informed opinion adds balance to my piece. Thank you for the effort.