Sunday, May 5, 2013

Politics and Poetry

Bide your time here and have the exit plans prepared.
Destined to doom, for this nation is for sure
Policy paralysis is at times, at others, its soulless core bared
This rot at the base has no known cure.

Play your cards right, and choose to avoid a fight
expend energy judiciously, avoid puritanical flights
With critical mass reached, the elephant is dragging its feet
It’s end inevitable, the wounds are beginning to bleed

Economic pundits galore will paint a picture clean
asking you to feel good, for the GDP numbers they glean
But the human resource indicators tell another tale
as every single man's credibility here is up for sale

The govt servants afloat in corruption neck deep
every civil servant, has cash stashed in heaps
Black money not the only thing that's black here
the goons occupy the bureaucracy,  their currency is fear

The president an institutional puppet, the Prime minister too
With flailing hands they lead the nation to its doom
Ministers caught with their in hands in the till
The policing gone corrupt, there’s none a righteous kill

Once enlightened people, now descend to the dark ages
Every loud voice asks that the women be kept in cages
Sanity is in short supply for education has been rationed
Thanks to the education scams the ruling class has fashioned

The seeds of ignorance have been sowed so well
Reaping benefit are the politicians, with ‘education’ they sell
Like swarming bees, we have a generation of ignoramus
rioting, raping and remonstrating, proving their ‘machismo’ thus

But if you choose to stay, do make a difference with your vote
speak in NDA’s favour, Narendra Modi should be your rote
should you not heed the advice, do choose your price
an alignment to all vices and thus a cut to the ‘democratic’ size

1 comment:

Usha Pisharody said...

Glad you've shared this, Amit :) Just chanced upon my blog list to see your link!
I admire the caustic, cynical tone. All that you say, is creepily true. What a black black ugly picture it is!

And the last stanza. My vote is in :)