Sunday, March 25, 2012 - A fake website

I usually do not respond to the pop ups on Facebook. But the catchy caption that offered a Blackberry for Rs 99/- caught my eye and I decided to try it and so clicked this link.

It lead me to, a site i had never heard of. While I am familiar with these shopping sites, this one had made no appearance to me thus far. I read the Ad which said that all I had to participate in a draw of lot was deposit Rs 99 with this website and if I were lucky I could win a Blackberry.
Tempting but I am no fool to believe that I had a chance of winning. But the tag line - Money will be returned if you don't win- bought me in. They also mentioned that the draw was in 1st week of March post which, the money would be reimbursed into my account.

The website was super quick to take the money from my account (unlike and which make you go through a host of cross checks) and Rs 99 was deducted from my Axis bank account.

I checked my mail account and saw that there was no mail to this effect informing me of my participation in the contest. So i decided to give them the benefit of doubt and hoped that the results once announced in the 1st week of March would be mailed to me. Surprise-surprise, as nothing of this sort happened and I wasn't mailed any results nor the money was returned to my account.

I called the helpline, worried at the Rs 99 that the website page showed as my credits with them. The taped voice on the helpline informed me that, the money was deposited with the site and could be redeemed by buying products from them. I felt cheated and betrayed.

I logged on to check if there was anything that I could buy without risking any more of my money with them but alas, they had me firmly fixed as these guys even charge Rs 110 for any product you order unlike better shopping sites like

My advice, shun as these are a bunch of fraudsters who have made money by cheating just like the ruffians in Delhi railway station do. They are no better, only they use the internet to do it.


Pankhuri Patel said...

E-Commerce has become the one of important need for any business or it is another way to handle business easily by providing convenient services to public.

In the last two decades, there have been improvements in the way online business is conducted.
E-commerce sites and applications have contributed a lot to these changes, and the changes have improved how many online traders do business.
Where some sites have over the years improved on various areas with a sole aim of improving on the business experience of both parties. On the other hand some sites are found to be very worst and fraud with their services, came to know after a survey, I have some of examples like, Indiatimes shopping, Timtara,, 100bestbuy, Rediff Shopping, ebay. Even I went through some of consumer forums and also found so many complaints against these sites. I thing Govt. must have take a needy action against these fraud sites.

amit2992 said...

Hi Pankhuri..your inputs have left me educated.