Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have always liked Adam sandler movies. He has a innocence about him that is only rivalled by his comic timing. Detractors might point out his relatively modest budgets and limited cast. The promos got me to the theater on a weekend and alone.

The film is about Zohan, a unbelievably gifted Israeli solider, with immense physical strength (The special effects are good). He is bored with the unending low intensity operations that he has been carrying out for the Army and wants to follow his dream of becoming a hair dresser in America.

The movie is about how he fools army into believing he is dead, leaves for America and his making it big in America- in his own inmitable ways. The film is laced with lots of sex jokes, ribaldry of the highest order, pokes fun at the Arab Israeli dynamics and then puts it in perspective with them being similer immigrants in America. While the film seems to play on a simplistic solution to a very complex problem, it makes a hilarious proposition to moviegoers. If you are a woman, be willing to shed some delicacy back home and come prepared for some in your face crude gimmicks.

CAUTION: Middle aged women are goign to laugh their guts out, so wear a garb to hide your identity.


Usha Pisharody said...

You're getting to be quite a reviewer, lol! And you could prob give those film review wallahs on the channels, a run for their money, :)
Enjoyed this review, and the footnote:)

who thinks like me? said...

Ha ha..thanks. well thatÅ› the give them a real good run for their money.

Sashu... said...

hehehe!!! nice one!